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Thread: apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/land.asp AP Land Records of Adangals, Download Tippan, Pahani information of FMB,ROR 1B via APLANDS

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    apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/land.asp AP Land Records of Adangals, Download Tippan, Pahani information of FMB,ROR 1B via APLANDS

    Department: Revenue department of AP land (Andhra Pradesh)

    Service Offered:
    How to get online details from Meeseva center for AP land records online and download important informationís like Tippan, Pahani, FMB, ROR 1B, AP Land Adangals etc

    Official website
    apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/land.asp and ccla.ap.gov.in

    Andhra Pradesh revenue department is providing all details related to Tippan, Pahani , or other important documents like


    Adangals, FMB, ROR 1B and aplands, Now you can get and download these documents from meeseva centers, this online service is started by the govt. in few years ego, now citizen of the state can get the details by paying 25 (twenty five rupees) for each survey number. Form meeseva and Aponline service (which is runs by state govt.) citizen can get instantly all information at the center these information they can use for their future reference.

    The website http://apland.ap.nic.in/ containing all details related to agricultural as well as residential and commercial land within the state. The people who are selling and buying their property can get these information form Aponline center or Meeseva center in this the can get FMB, Tippan, Pahani , ROR 1B or Adangals.

    Government regular update their database with the latest information who sold and brought the land. Here I am share some district names where you can also avail this facility are Adilabad, Anantapur, Chittoor, East Godavari, Guntur, some other district of Andhra Pradesh state where you can get all details online using the official website are Hyderabad, Kadapa, Karimnagar, Khammam, Krishna, Kurnool, Mahbubnagar , Medak, Nalgonda, Nellore ,Nizamabad , Prakasam , Rangareddy , Srikakulam , Vishakhapatnam , Vizianagaram ,Warangal ,West Godavari Districts

    The above details are acceptable by the revenue department but it cannot be used for legal claims or not be used as a certified copy for any legal claims so department only giving the basic details of the property to the people.

    Citizens can go through the nearest meeseva centers for getting online land records mutation adangal verification remembrance certificate they have to pay minimum payment for this online service after that they can get a copy from the center which is in bond paper it will use for any purpose except the legal issues.

    Note : The Andhra Pradesh Lands web site (apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/land.asp and ccla.ap.gov.in) issued information cannot be utilized as certified or authenticated copy for producing in any court of law or for enforcing any legal claims etc. under the existing relevant Acts or Rules of the Govt. of AP.

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    siddu advocate
    mee entiki mee bhumi chala help chesinadi naku

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    Guest User
    I have Agricultural land

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    Guest User
    I want to download my Agricultural adangal

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    Guest User
    I want to download RoR of neradi village ,bamini mandalam,srikakulam district

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