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Thread: lrc.bih.nic.in How to Get the Details of Land Record Apna Khata Search with Khatadhari, Owner Name or Number

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    lrc.bih.nic.in How to Get the Details of Land Record Apna Khata Search with Khatadhari, Owner Name or Number

    Name Of Department: Revenue Department Bihar (www.lrc.bih.nic.in)

    Type of Service: How to get the Details of Land Record Apna Khata

    Official Portal:

    Bihar state of India is the 3rd highest by population lies in the eastern part of India. Bihar is subdivided into Jharkhand (the south part of Bihar) which is earlier together. Nalanda and Vikramshila were the learning centre in Bihar and the oldest international universities of the ancient time. Patna is capital of Bihar, which is earlier known as Patliputra.

    National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP) under the Central Government has launched the Online Land Record system. The Bihar government has also initiated to launch the Computerization of land record with the help of NLRMP.

    Official website of Bihar Revenue and Land Record Department has launched the land records. Out of 38 districts, 10 districts land record is available in the website.

    The State Government of Bihar with the help of (NIC) National Informatics Centre which is the unit of Bihar govt. has formed the online record of Land Record.

    Earlier, when you want to know the details of your land or want to get a copy of your land records, you must visit to the office of the concerned. It consume your whole day. But today after the computerization of land record in Bihar state, citizens/farmers can get all the detail of land within giving some minutes. It is basically for the owners/farmers who lives very far from their village.

    You can get all the details from anywhere in India only by visiting official website.

    The land record computerization has increases the lucidity between the Land Record Department and Revenue Department.

    Dizitized of Land Record is a very good method to keep update the land transaction and keep the details of all land.

    Many record rooms and data centres are opened in the districts to keep and update the land record from time to time by the government of Bihar state.

    Land Records Online in Bihar
    @: Visit on official website of Bihar http://lrc.bih.nic.in/RoR.aspx

    @: The Map of Bihar will appear on the page with indicating Districts name

    @: Only starred Districts are available to show you the land record (at present 10 district’s land record is available.

    @: Select the one district from the starred district for which you want to see the land record.

    @: It will redirect you to the map of the selected District.

    @: Select the one Anchal from the shown map as per desire.

    @: On the left side you will see the List of Mauja name after the selection of Anchal.

    @: Select the Mauja name. You can enter the first letter of mauja name. Then only the selected Mauja name will appear.

    @: You will see the many options, to search your land record, select the one by which you want to search your land record.

    • Search by khata Number
    • Search by Khata Owner Name
    • Search by Khasra Number

    @: Select any one search tool, if you want to search by khatat no. then click on ‘Khata Sankhya se Dekhe”, if you want to search by khasra number, then click on Khasara Sankhya se Dekhe’and if you have owner name, then search is by ‘Khatadhari Ke Naam se Dekhe’.

    @: After selection of appropriate option, click on ‘Khata Khoje box.

    You will get the all details of your Land Record.

    Take a print out of your land details.

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    Dear sir, when VAISHALI dist. land records will published ?

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    makim dekh
    Khatian no plot no 7054

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    akhilesh sharma
    who to searchc online khatiyan

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    Guest User
    I am a resident of village Marsha tola Inayatpur having more than seven acres of land inherited through registered partitions deed but unfortunately not appears in computerised land records. Kindly help me to get dematerialize land records

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