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Thread: anyror.gujarat.gov.in e-Dhara Revenue Department Online Land Record in Gujarat ROR Taluka Mamlatdar Khata-Khasra and Mutation

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    anyror.gujarat.gov.in e-Dhara Revenue Department Online Land Record in Gujarat ROR Taluka Mamlatdar Khata-Khasra and Mutation

    Gujarat, a state in the north east of India with an area of 75,755 sq. m. Gandhinagar is the Capital and Ahmadabad is the largest city in Gujarat.

    Land which provide food to every people, provide job and essential for various legal purposes like Land Revenue, collection of tax and also required for various purposes.

    In Gujarat state, you can get the information of your land by e-Dhara project.

    e-Dhara is the name of the Taluka centre, where farmers can get the information of their land records, get the copies of ownership documents . The aim of e-Dhara project to modernize land administration and to give the facility to the farmers to manage this essential resource better.

    Gujarat government launched computerized record of land so that the citizens can get all the information of land without going anywhere and also to ensure the speed, clean information and day to day activities of the land.

    26 Districts and 225 Talukas are come under e-Dhara project where it is successfully established. The new source of Revenue is e-Dhara.

    To get more details about e-Dhara, visit the website : www.gil.gujarat.gov.in/edhara.html

    24 district and 225 Talukas are in operational of ROR

    How to get the information of land record

    @: After computerization of all land records, e-Dhara Kendra which is also called e-DK have been set up at Taluka Mamlatdar offices to keep day to day activities of land records. Mutations and issue of (ROR) Record of Rights.

    @: By Broadband connectivity through VSAT to village Panchayats, farmers can get the copies of ROR from the village panchayat itself and also can check the particulars of land record.

    @: You can also get the tenant details, crop details, irrigation details, type of land, entry status, census of agriculture and many more details.

    @: You can also search details of ROR by entering Khatedar Name(Owner name), by Khata Number, by Survey Number, Farm Name and search by many more option.

    @: The farmers and owner of the land can get computerized copy of ROR by paying a minimum fee of Rs.15.
    There are various Benefits of e-Dhara

    • In rural areas, it is very helpful to creating an e-Governance environment.
    • Owner and farmers can easily get the copy of information of their land record.
    • It is very clean and clear process and tamper free record of land.
    • You donít need to go to mediator for all process of land records.

    Address of Gujarat Informatics Limited:
    Block No. 1, 8th floor,
    Udyog Bhavan, Sector -11
    Gandhinagar-382010, Gujarat Phone No.: 91-79-23256022

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    mahavir sinh jadeja
    I like this. please let me know the complete system for checking my land details.

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    Mahomed Sid Saley
    As a NRI born in South Africa with my both my late parents born in Samrod India,the RoR on http://www.anyror.gujarat.gov.nic has been a help in tracing the land ownership of my grandfather and other family in India.It has helped in making contact with family i did no existed.Only wish that older records dating back from 1900 were also available on the internet. Thank You

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    dipak patel
    fantastic. i need to get the digital map of my land

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    pragnesh mandalia
    I like this site to who search the 7\12 na utara

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    Nayna ratilal
    I like very much. please explain me that how can i use this anyror website from my mobile phone. thanks for this information here. very good website.

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    What is khata number,,,how can I get my khata number

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    tushar trivedi
    i like this. the government of gujarat started a good service. our state government is showing their interest in rural area citizens.

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    parkash Patel
    I Iike This Site to who search the 7/12 na utara.

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    narendrabhai patel
    i wish older records dating back from 1900 to 2014 were also available on the internet ?

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