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Thread: mpbhulekh.gov.in or landrecords.mp.gov.in MPBhuabhilekh Land Records Search in Madhya Pradesh with Khata Map Khasra or Halka Details with Mutation Process

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    mpbhulekh.gov.in or landrecords.mp.gov.in MPBhuabhilekh Land Records Search in Madhya Pradesh with Khata Map Khasra or Halka Details with Mutation Process

    Madhya Pradesh Government started various types of e governance services in which one of the service is check records of right which is
    also called MPbhulekh from this facility the land owner can see their Map khata and khasra through the official web portal of revenue department. It doesn't matter where he or she is. To check map of the property anyone can check the website


    MP Bhulekh, land record Khata Khatoni Khashra in Madhya Pradesh
    mpbhuabhilekh.nic.in/bhunakshaweb/ in Hindi it is called Bhunaksh. To get this map (Bhunaksha) first you have to go through above link after this you have to follow the steps:
    1. You have to select district name which is right side f the above
    2. Select your Tehsil (its indicate the revenue department)
    3. Then select RI which is Ambha or Dimini or Sihpniyo
    4. Select Halka
    5. Finally select you village

    You will get your map online after filling above information.

    NOTE : You can also get plot information which is below the option after all this.

    How to get Khashra Duplicate Copy
    Khashra 1 B duplicates copy: You can now register you mobile number in http://mpbhulekh.gov.in/Login.do to get benefits of all type of services by Madhya Prdesh Revenue department It its directly sent to your contact number. after registration in the portal anyone can sent request related to his or her land record. Also revenue department of MP accept all type of demand payment through online so all this is that you don’t have to g there physically so its very simple to get these information you want to register with their IT center than you can download application form from their and fill it and sent it to concerned address forms are available below http://mpbhulekh.gov.in/Login.do# You can also get in touch through Contact No. 7697123334 or support.gis@begl.org.in

    @: How anyone can register into the application for various types of services related to their property?
    Anyone can go through the official portal of MPonline website after visiting there he or she can click on “Account registration after clicking there he or she have to provide all types required information to account registration page. When anyone who is resident of MP will register there he will get the password in email ID.

    @: If Lost my password or user name than what to do?
    If you lost anything than again you have to go through the official portal Mponline where you have previously register than go to homepage and Click on “change password” link on home page.after this you should Enter username and type of user in pop up window after filling this you should submit it to the website and the password which you have forget earlier you will get it to your email address.

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    Shakuntala agrawal


    Kharab detail

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    bhu naxha khata khtoni

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    bhu nasha khsra khtoni 236

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    पटवारी हल्का 75 सुरतलई महाराजपुर ग्राम सरखड़ी की कृषि भूमि की शासकीय दर कितनी है

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    यदि पटवारी को अपने सिस्टम पर अपडेशन का कार्य करना हो तो फिंगर प्रिंट मशीन और किस कंपनी की मशीन का उपयोग किया जाये। इसकी पूरी प्रॉसेस क्या है

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    Biometric device ka license lene ke liye kya karna hai

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