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Thread: bhulekh.up.nic.in Land Records Uttar Pradesh Khata-Khatauni Nakal, Dakhila Kharij, Mutation, Bhulekh UP, Village Wise Details

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    bhulekh.up.nic.in Land Records Uttar Pradesh Khata-Khatauni Nakal, Dakhila Kharij, Mutation, Bhulekh UP, Village Wise Details

    Uttar Pradesh is located on the Northern Part of India. Lucknow is the capital of the state. It is the most populous state in the Country. Hindi is the official language of the state.

    Uttar Pradesh has 18 divisions and is divided into 75 districts. Each district governed by district magistrate and divided into sub divisions. Sub Divisions into Blocks. Panchayat and municipalities comes under Blocks.

    Uttar Pradesh government has started many more website to facilitate the citizens of the state.


    Uttar Pradesh Land Record Bhulekh
    Bhulekh (land record) is one of them. In the Era of computerization , the U.P. government has started the facility to provide all the land records online. Uttar Pradesh is very large in area wise and getting the details of land is very hard procedure.

    To overcome of this problem, the Uttar Pradesh Government has made all the land records online with the help of National Informatic Centre (NIC). The Bhulekh works under NIC.

    The U.P. government made the changes of the records time to time so that the citizens could easily get all the informations about land record.

    There are various steps to get all about the Bhulekh (land record). See how you can reach there by following these steps:
    1. Open the official website of up government on your web browser bhulekh.up..nic.in

    2.Here you will see the option of District Name under which you will see the 75 district name of U.P. Select one of the district name for which you want to get land record.

    3.After selection of district name, second options shows you as a Tehsil name. Select one of the tehsil name which comes under the district selected by you.

    4.Third options appears as select first letter of village. Select first letter of your village. It will show various village which start from the letter selected by you. Select the village name for which you want to get land record information.

    5.After selection of village name, you must select “aage” option, which indirect you to the next page.

    6.The next page appears with various options. On this page, it will show you the district name, tehsil name and village name which has been selected by you.

    7.Here you will see the option of “ Khate Ki Nakal”. This option means how you want to check your land record.

    Three options comes under the “Khate Ki Nakal”
    a) Khasara Sankhya Dwara (By Khasra Number)
    b) Khata Sankhya Dwara (By Khata Number)
    c) Naam Dwara (By Owners Name)

    You need to select one of the options. If you have a land khasra Number then khasra number option, if you have your land khata number then select the option (b) and if you have a name of the property owner, then find it by Owner’s Name.

    Now, you will get the status of the land record which you are going to find.

    Note: There are some tehsils and villages whose land record are still not available yet. The U.P Governemnt or NIC are under the process of getting the land records of rest of the villages. You will get it very soon.

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    h c singh


    photo of map of kaneta nikat Bahjoi, ha dausi

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    Because without piyang bribe no one can get his work done either poor or rich, this is system in' BHARAT KNOWN AS SONE KI CHYDIA, only ruling Govt should make strict rules to eradicate corruption, if some one is caught taking bribe many higher persons put pressure to release the bribe taker.

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    Khatauni open

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    Up tahsil jakhaniya under village saray kubra bhulekh map

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    bujhawan tameswar

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    Khasara 75 no

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