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Thread: plrs.org.in Punjab Land Record Society Fard Verification Mutation Correction in Records and Search Property Details Village or Tehsil Wise

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    plrs.org.in Punjab Land Record Society Fard Verification Mutation Correction in Records and Search Property Details Village or Tehsil Wise

    Punjab land record society is called PLRS in Short, Punjab state earning its big part of revenue from agricultural and also form its land, Now everyone can search all details related to their property online using some basic details like Tehsil name village name or fard This Society (Punjab land record society) is a State level body being constituted specifically to manage the Land Records (like when anyone buy or sell their property or agricultural commercial or industrial segment) in all its dimensions and would work under the overall policy framework of Punjab State E- Governance Society (PSEGS).


    Now you can find various types of details online through plrs.org.in which is Punjab land record society official website. This society is established in 1860, This is formulating various types of rules related to the Property and also gives access to general public online. Also started Sukhmani Centres to the public so that they can get information from there.

    How to search Fard:


    Now you can get fard online through To get Fard online you have to go through this link and fill required information’s like:

    District Name
    : ……………………….
    (Like Amritsar , Barnala, Bathinda, Faridhkot or Hoshiyarpur etc)

    Tehsil Name
    : ………………………………..
    (Name of Tehsil related to concerned district)

    Village Name
    (Name of your Village where you want to download Fard)


    After filling above normal information you have submit search Button and download your fard, but note that some villages still don’t have online date but government is updating them very soon so you can also check these village details from above.
    Request of Correction of Records:
    Now the Punjab land record society also given you a online option that you can request online correction in your Rights of record or we can say Land record correction.

    To do this you have to fill the form below and filled basic information in that:

    • Write basic details like
    • Your email ID
    • Your Contact Number
    • Village Tehsil District nale
    • And most important the Correction details which you want and why.

    How to request For Mutation In Punjab:
    Now the best thing given by Punjab land record society revenue department is that you can request online for mutation In this you can filled some basic details and also upload scanned documents if you need to upload in below
    How to check Fard verification status in Punjab:
    Now you can also verify Your Fard details online, Mostly when you are planning to buy any land in Punjab than this can be useful to you In this you have to select District Fard Kender and date range from below: or plrs.org.in

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    Fard ki jankari nahi ho rhi hai

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    Fard show hi mar ran error

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    Rajnish Kumar
    your website for public is not working for last one month. PLRS is sleeping??????????

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    ਲੈਹਰਾਗਾਗਾ ਤਹਸੀਲ ਦੀ ਫਰਦ ਨਹੀ ਆ ਰਹੀਐ

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    web site working

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